Chiharu Rosenberg 

I am a mosaic artist, born in Japan and graduated
from Nihon University College of Art.

I mostly use recycled materials for my mosaic.
I love making something out of nothing
without waste….
All the pieces are cut by hand, without power tools.

My work is influenced by Japanese art,
the essence of Japanese Art: beauty of nature
without human influence, simplicity, space and balance.
Also my creativity flows in part from my music.
From 4 years old, I trained to become a pianist,
then I found a magic in the theatre and I became an stage actress.
After that, I went to Africa, travelled a lot and had a lots of adventures!

I still play piano in between the mosaic. There is something very connected between playing music and making mosaic...
Perhaps you can hear the music from my mosaic?

The process of shaping and placing a tessera
(a piece used in mosaic) is very calming and thrilling
at the same time. Sometimes I dance in my studio with
excitement when I get it just right.
Making mosaic takes your mind off daily life and places you in a
different world deep within yourself, your imagination,
your dream, your safe place.
And the possibilities are endless!

Mosaic is, quite simply, my passion and
I hope my mosaic makes you dream too.

© 2007-2016 Chiharu Rosenberg. All rights reserved.